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Loco camere d'aria guesthouse Loco camere d'aria bianco

The History

A vision, a project of courage



I'm Rosita, the owner of Camere d’aria and on this page I want to be the one to talk to you firsthand.

Why? Because I have strong roots in this territory, which is so wild and rugged at times, which is boldly approaching tourism and which I madly love.
Because I know that Locana is not a place which is comparable to other better known and trendy places, but I can see the potential of what surrounds me and I want to be an active part of a process of change and enrichment of my town.
Because I have made my dream come true: restore life to an old building that has always belonged to my family, a long-term project that made me spend sleepless nights and moments in which difficulties seemed insurmountable.
I have a past as an architect, I love to put smiles on faces, to be around people, to drink a good glass of wine in company, to talk about the mountains I see every day.
When I receive greeting cards in the post with a little thought from guests who have stayed here, I smile, because I know that I have been doing and am doing my job well.

OUR Activities