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Loco camere d'aria guesthouse Loco camere d'aria bianco

Camere d’ariA

The welcome you do not expect


hospitable by nature

We are in the historic centre of Locana, a stone's throw from the main attractions of the Gran Paradiso National Park. Here you can experience the pleasure of rediscovered time, the simplicity of small things, the beauty of respectful and sustainable tourism. Just raise your head and deeply breathe in the scents of the mountains. It's already vacation time here.

The sleeping zones

We have created our five rooms inside a typical high-altitude building: if everything looks as it once was from the outside, inside we have recovered, reconstructed, mixed pieces of design, natural elements and materials of low environmental impact.

D as in ...Delightful


Dancing queen, young and sweet… only seventeen!

Dam, that of Ceresole, built between 1927 and 1930.

24 square metres for two people with a large balcony.

E as in...


Ecotourism, what we promote here every day.

Emotions of Battisti and Mogol, what nostalgia!

Ermine; look for it, it is an animal that brings good luck.

Our largest room, accommodating up to three people. With open loft and balcony

A as in ...Air

which caresses your skin when you open the window.

Area, which surrounds us, so authentic and unexplored.

Another day in Paradise… sweet Phil Collins!

Alpine pasture, the focal point of the transhumance.

The master bedroom with open loft and balcony

M as...Mountains

guardians of small worlds that are worth discovering.

Mattia, who runs, runs, by bicycle or on foot.

Morning Glory ... what's the story?

Marvellous honey, made with alpine wildflowers, and chestnut and lime trees from the valley floor.

Our most intimate and welcoming room for two

R as in ...Relax

after a day of trekking.

Rhododendron, the most aristocratic flower of our mountains.

Red Hot Chili Peppers and their "Road trippin '".

Red copper, craftsmanship that has made history, typical of these valleys.

Three beds and a balcony from which you can watch the stars

Emission-free hospitality

We designed Camere d’aria, we turned towards sustainable architecture: we decided to be the guardians of the nature that surrounds us, abandoning waste without sacrificing comfort.

Discover our structure
Locana foto storica del centro

Live and discover the Gran Paradiso

We are in the Gran Paradiso National Park, there is no shortage of fresh air nor places to explore. Here's what you can do once you get here.